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Genealogy of Maguindanao Sultanate

Sultanate of Maguindanao
1. SHARIF KABUNSUAN - son of Sharif Zainal Abi-Din 1515.

2. SHARIF MAKA-ALANG - son of Sharif Kabunsuan in 1548 during the Villalobos Expedition some Spaniards stayed with the inhabitant,the other flew back to Spain due to religious conflict.

3. DATU BANGKAYA - son of Sharif Maka-Alang in 1574 Guido de Lazares to send letter to the Spanish king stating that the chief ot the Mindanao ruler wished to become friend to the Spaniards….from Spanish report date:1574-1579.
4. DATU DIMASANGKAY- son of Datu Bangkaya according to Spanish report was the ruler in 1579.The leading Datus Iranon and Maranao claimed descendants of Datu Dimasangkay. Luis Torres Del Mendoza Collision De Commandoes Religious and Discubremiento Congrista Organization de los Antiquos Poseciones Spanioles in America-Acena (Madrid 1886) volume possessions V.p125. THE LETTER TO PHILIPPINES II DATE JULY 17, 1574 BLAIR AND REBESTION THE PHILIPPINES. VOL.111-p275. 56 ACCOUNT OF EXPEDITION TO BORNEO, JOLO and MINDANAO P. FRANCISCO DE SANDI AND OTHER MANILA APRIL 19, 1578 TO JUNE 10, 1579 ebbed. VOLUME IV p.241 AND p292. 57 ebbed p.229 AND pp.240-241.
5. DATU SALIKULA- A half brother of Dimasangkay also known as “GOGO”. Datu Salikula up to early 1579 becomes the LEADING CHIEF unfortunately Datu Dimasangkay died during the reigned of Datu Salikula.According to the Tarsila, Datu Dimasangkay married to the Sulu princess with all his might and power. He was the Maguindanao chieftain in Jolo from 1585 to 1597.
6.KAPITAL LAUT BUISAN- A younger half brother of Datu Dimasangkay and Datu Salikula sometime called by the title “KATCHIL”. He ruled around 1597. He displaced Datu Salikula. He controlled his nephew- RAJAH MUDA son of Datu Dimasangkay become the Chieftain and his rule last up to 1619.
7. SULTAN QUDARAT- A son of Datu Buisan was known to the Spaniards as “CORRATAT” the son of Dutch, to writers as QUIRERAT in 1619.In 1621 there was war between BUAYAN and MAGUINDANAO. During this time Sultan Qudarat has been distorted by this war. Not long after there was a temporary transition. He appeared as exercising his political power over Buayan. Further more he must have consolidated his power after their noble attacked to Sarangani in 1625.He died about the end of 1671, having ruled for about half of Sarangani. By 1645, He was early using the title SULTAN, A YOUNG MAN. His great grand children called him Naser-Ud-Din.
8. SULTAN DUNDONG TEDURAY- He was the son of SULTAN QUDARAT. SULTAN DUNDONG TEDURAY died before His father ruled. It has been a very short time for him to rule. He was referred as SAIF-UD-DIN by His grand children.
9. SULTAN BART BARHAMAN (Arabic ABD.-RAHMAN) A son of TEDURAY, He was also known as MINSULU SA RAHMATULLAH. His son referred to Him as MOHAMMAD SHA also Sabat- Arabic-AL-MU-THABBAT. WILLIAM DAMPIER or ALMO-AL LASAB. BRAHAMAN to the Spanish, name of grand father QUDARAT was also use by Him. His reigned was heard as SULTAN in early 1678. This information reached to Dutch officials at Ternate on July 6, 1679.
10. SULTAN KHAHAR-UD-DIN-KUDA – A young brother of BRAHAMAN sometimes known as JAMAL-UL- AZAN. He also assumed the title of AMIR-UL-UMRA as well as the MAULANA. His reigned was contested by his two (2) nephews. The son of BARHAMAN advised him to be keen in selected of authority, with the guidance of the SULU SULTAN SHAHAB-UD-DIN who came over from Simuay. SULTAN KUDA held this in court on August 10, 1702.
11. SULTAN BAYAN UL-ANWAR – His other legal name JAFAR-UD-DIN which entitled Him to be named DIPATUAN, a life time legacy. On his death he was called MUPAT BATUA. In 1701 atmosphere becomes unpleasant, where he created plot against His Uncle SULTAN KHAHAR-UD-DIN “KUDA”. He succeeded the throne in 1707, held in SILANGAN that was after Sibugay events, appointment of the temporary SULTAN which was enthroned to SULTANA PUTRI TUAN BAI, the Auntie of SULTAN ESMAIL. His younger brother JA-FAR-UD-DIN, the RAJAH MUDA revolted against Him, but He manage to keep the throne in 1936 ANWAR abdicated in favor of TAHIR-UD-DIN MALINOG no.13. He died around 1735.
12. SULTAN MOHAMMAD JAFAR SADIQ MANAMIR – Younger brother or SULTAN BAYAN UL-ANUAR sometimes referred to AMAR-UD-DIN as MAULANA, enjoyed his lifetime title. His death granted him to other named SHAHID MUPAT.He contested the reigned of his other brother; he was forced to flew to TAMUNTAKA in 1710. Dutch official referred him as the young king to destiny, a heartfelt wished from SULTAN BAYAN AL ANUAR, by 1725. he gained the title PEDUKO SITTIE SULTAN, march 1733 he assumed the title PEDUKO SITTIE SULTAN. His power was recognized; he enjoyed the valor and fame from 1710 to1733. His brother and nephew attacked his forced in TAMUNTAKA. His title and power cause his death. His brother SULTAN MANAMIR ruled over the in terror. He died on March 1733.
13. SULTAN MOHAMMAD TAHIR-UD-DIN, Son of SULTAN BAYAN UL-ANUAR. He was commonly know to Spanish as SITAH DIPATUAN MALINOG, He was also known as MOHAMMAD SHAH-AMIR-UD-DIN. In battle 1733, He killed his uncle JAFAR SALIQ MANAMIR, 1736. His father taught him the responsibilities of good government. His authority was contested by two of his cousins MANAMIR UD-DIN forcing him to retire to the interior. SULTAN BAYAN AL ANUAR around 1748.
14. SULTAN MOHAMMAD KHAHAR-UD-DIN, Son of SULTAN JAFAR SADIQ MINAMIR and was better known EUROPIAN PAKER MAULANA. HAMSA (ARABIC PAKER MAULANA HAMZAH or AMIR-UD-DIN HAMZAH also used the name AZIM-UD-DIN. He assumed the title AMIR-UL-MU-MININ in 1733 after his father was slained. He begun to consider himself the heir to the throne, thus upon called himself RAJAH MUDA.
15. SULTAN PAHAR-UD-DIN, Younger brother of PAKER MAULANA HAMZAH known as DATU PONGLOK as he begun to exercise his power as SULTAN, around 1755 and on the later part CAPTAIN THOMAS FORRET paid a visit.
16. SULTAN KIBAO SAHARIYAL, His legal title was MOHAMMAD AZIM UD-DIN AMIR-UL-UMRAH, son of PAKER MAULANA HANZAH, No.14 seen before the death of his uncle, SULTAN he was already being addressed by friends towards the Spanish, He had a wise internal peaceful relation with them from 1788 to 1794 but prior to this year he has his government from 1780 to 1805.
17. SULTAN KAWASA ANUAR-UD-DIN, son of SULTAN KIBAD SAHARIYAL, and like his father AMIR-UL-UMRAH entered into a peace treaty with Spaniards in 1805 one of the seal carried 167,1719 XIX terminate P.D.1375-377 amt. INDIL the gained his original title of ISKANDAR JURKARNAIN in the year 1805 to 1830.
18. SULTAN ISKANDAR QUDARATULLAH, MOHAMMAD JAMAL AL –AZAM –popularly known as Sultan Untong .He is the Great Grand son of KIBAD SAHARIYAL, nephew of SULTAN KAWASA 1853-1854 No.17,come Spanish document carry his name Iskandar Qudarat,Pahar Ud-Din.In 1837-1845,In those years he had a friendly treaty with the Spaniards.He died either in the year 1853 or 1854.
19. SULTAN MOHAMMAD MAKAKUA- son of AMIR-UL UMRAH “INTERINO”.SULTAN KAWASA ANUAR-UD-DIN “Kulano”. His reigned during settlement of Maguindanao from 1854-1884.He died in Nuling in the site of the Old man.
20. SULTAN MOHAMMAD JALAL-UD-DIN “PABLO” also known as SULTAN WATA. He was the son of SULTAN MAKAKUA of Banubo just opposite town of Cotabato, across the Pulangi River. His death took place in 1886.
21. SULTAN MANGIGUIN-He was the grand son of former DATU DAKULA OF SIBUGAY, Who was the grand son of KIBAD SAHARIYAL NO.16.He started his rule in 1886, on 1886-1896.The Sultanate was vacant, but the aunt of SULTAN MOHAMMAD ESMAIL was appointed as the temporary Sultana at that time. SULTAN MOHAMMAD ESMAIL was still a young boy incapable to handle responsibilities. This made the appointment of SULTANA PUTRI TUANBAI-Sibugay . DATU MAMAKU son of SULTAN UNTONG become the Sultan. Around 1900 some Spaniards pay a courtesy visit to one of Sibugay Datus for official trip .SULTAN MANGIGUIN transferred his residence from Cotabato-Sibugay in 1906.He married RAJAH PUTRI,the widow of DATU UTTO sister of DATU MAKAKUA.
22. SULTAN MOHAMMAD “TATO”ESMAIL- son of WATA MAMA CALOG SA MAGUINDANAO and BAITABAY. His parents were first cousins. SULTAN MANGIGUIN, choose his nephew to become the next Sultan, at that time SULTAN MOHAMMAD ESMAIL was only 7yrs.old.His youthful age was not a hindrance to gained a seat of reservation for the throne of sultanate on at the age of 35 , he was proclaimed THE SULTAN OF MAGUINDANAO.GENERAL WOOD OF WASHINGTON D.C. Made a report that SULTAN MANGIGUIN had made his final recommendation for the next Sultanate which was reserved SULTAN MOHAMMAD ESMAIL, who at that time was a young boy; base on the criteria that governed on succession of descendants. This report of GENERAL WOOD was submitted to the office of THE PRESIDENT WASHINGTON D.C. IN 1886-1888.SULTAN MOHAMMAD ESMAIL, one of the brave fighter during the Japanese War, attacked in Mindanao in 1941-1942. In 1943 The American Army , send a message looking forward for the Sultan of Mindanao a citation for being a brave soldier, who stand for American Flag in the midst of the war between the Japanese. CAPTAIN MICARTE was in his side in MALANGAS FIRING LINE. It was him CAPTAIN MICARTE who made a moved to look for Sultan Mohammad Esmail assisted by the group of American. This American volunteer reached BONGO ISLAND in 1943. They were able to find SULTAN MOHAMMAD ESMAIL to PARANG in the same year. In 1944, COLONEL SUAREZ and MR. CODIER visited the Sultan who was in TARAKAN, DINAS ZAMBOANGA DEL SUR . He called for training in military at that time.Their residence in TARAKAN, DINAS ZAMBOANGA DEL SUR was his official seat of his throne as SULTAN. Some American Generals and Officials pay visit to the Sultan’s residence. He died on September 3, 1991 at the age of 115 (IKA-SAPULO NA DULOM, SA ULAN-ULAN NA SAFAR).
Ya paganay a na Datu sa Magulaling na so Dungklang babai no Dungklang so payak. Pingaluma no Mupat Batua so payak. Mimbata silan na ( 3 ) :
1. “Malinog” yabon Mupatsidiq
2. Bahni- Tubu-Tubu
3. Emmar Mayla
So Dungklang wata no Abad yabon “Mindig”:
· Mimbata na so na Noni yabon “Zainal Abi-Din”
· Mimbata na so Zainal Abi-Din na so Shariful Wali-Ullaho-Hama-Dud-Din
· Mimbata na so Sharif-Ullaho na so Hamid-Ud-Din
· Mimbata na so Hamid-Ud-Din na so Diya-Ud-Din
· Mimbata na so Diya-Ud-Din na so Manamir-Ud-Din
· Mimbata na so Manamir-Ud-Din na so Anuar-Ud-Din (Sultan Kawasa)
· Mimbata na so Anuar-Ud-Din na so Umbak Sira Jud-Din yabon “Mauyag”.Yanin pugi na Amirul-Umra Sira Jud-Din Atawa “Tibpod". Lusod nin sa tiyan ina/ama so Tawada atawka “babayada”.
· Mimbata na so Umbak na so Kibad Khahar-Ud-Din “Binito”
· Mimbata na so Kibad Khahar-Ud-Din na so Alimod-Din Allaho Fahar-Ud-Din entobay “Intererino”. (Amirul Umrah sa Maguindanao)
· Mimbata so Ali-Mod-Din “Interino” na so Ansari-Alam Jalal-Ud-Din “Panansaran”
· Mimbata so Ansari-Alam Jalal Ud-Din “Panansaran” na so Daga atawa Raga, Simang, Tabong, Binito.
“TUPO NO MALANG”Datu wa lukes sa Malang a Mragat, kaka ni Amir-Ud-Din ando si Gumarok.
“TUPO NO MIDTID SA INGED”Midtid sa inged a Parti, ya nauna na. Datu sa Magulaling Balabagan pinangaluma nin so “Babai no Diyog”. Mimbata na silan na sila:
1. Panayaman
2. Bangondidi “Midted sa Inged”
3. Bulontay “Ina ni Minta”
4. Dimanda “Datu Manguda”
5. Atik- ina no Sultan Pablue
Nangaluma so Sultan Diya-Ud-Din na so wata Mupat Hidayat, mimbata silan na so Manamir-ud-Din.
Nangaluma so Manamir-Ud-Din, wata no Amman Bayalabi a nadsaupan na Tindig go mupat Sharif ando Tindig go Mupat-Sidiq, mimbata na so “Dido” – ina no Kulano-Anur-Ud-Din.
Nangaluma so Kulano wata no Malang so Adi, mimbata silan na so Umbak Sira Jud-Ud-Din, mimbata so Umbak na so Kibad Khahar-Ud-Din na so Alimod-Din Allaho Fahar-Ud-Din (Interino), mimbata so Alimod-Din na so Ansari Jalal-Ud-Din:
1. Daga atawa “Raga”
2. Simlang
3. Binito
Amirul-Umrah “Intirino” – Ama no Sultan Kawasa “Lusod sa tiyan no Sultan Kawasa sa Maguindanao”“Sultan Makakua” Ansari – Alam-Jalal-Ud-DinBai a wata- Pidtairan sa MaguindanaoDatu Masla- EdrisMarajalaila- Ama ni PukandangTintiaw
Pinangaluma no Sultan Makakua so Atik wata no Midtid sa Inged da porte, mimbata silan na so Sultan Pablue sa Maguindanao.
Mimbata so Sultan sa Maguindanao na so:
Putri-Tuan Bai, mimbata so Putri Tuan Bain a so Bai a Padido.
Wata no Datu Masla-Edris so:
Wata Mama-Calog
Napangaluma no Tibpod so Bai a wata no Pidtairan sa Maguindanao ( Balo ) mimbata silan na so:
Wata no (Amir-ul Umrah sa Maguindanao) Alimod-din Allaho Fahar-Ud-Din “INTERINO”:
1.) Ansari-Alam Jalal-Ud-Din “Sultan Makakua”
2.) Edris”Datu Masla sa Maguindanao”
3.) Pidtairan “Bai a wata sa Maguindanao”
4.) Marajalaila “Ama ni Pukandang”
5.) Tintiaw
Wata no Anuar-Ud-Din “kulano” so Umbak Sira Jud-Din Yabon Tibpod “Maliyag” Pinangaluma nin so Pidtairan “Bai a wata sa Maguindanao” mimbata silan na so:
1.) Laga
2.) Bagotao
3.) Tabay
Tupo no wata no “Amirul Interino” Alimod-Din Allaho Fahar-Ud-Dinso Edris “Datu Masla sa Maguindanao” A wata nin so wata “mama” Calog sa Maguindanao enggo so Pidtairan “Bai a wata sa Maguindanao” a pinangalumano Umbak sira Jud-Din. A wata nilan so Baitambay a pinangaluma no wata “mama” Calog.
So Pindada e nauna sa walay a kaluma no wata “mama” Calog sa Maguindanao.
Mga wata no wata “mama’ Calog kano Pindada:
1.) Datu Mangada (Ina nin so Dair)
2.) Datu Tangko
3.) Datu Akya/Aquia
4.) Bai Salilang
Ya tumondog sa walay a kaluma (2nd wife) no wata “mama” Calog na so Bitambay. A wata no Umbak sira Jud-Din Yabon Tibpod “Mauyag” enggo Pidtairan “Bai a wata sa Maguindanao” (Tinged silan Minsan)
Mga wata “mama”Calog ando so Baitambay na so:
1.) Datu Mohammad Tato” Esmael (22nd Sultan sa Maguindanao)
2.) Bai sa Pinanpanan
3.) Datu Damding
4.) “Datu Padido” Datu Indal Patra
Mga kaluma no Sultan Mohammad “Tato” Esmael
· Bai Idang Maulana (deceased)
· Bai Fatima Buday “Bukakang” Bilok (deceased)
· Bai Aga “Padido” Manupac (deceased)
· Bai Langkasia (deceased)
· Bai Babai Andi (deceased)
· Bai Aga Datang (alive)Mga wata no Sultan Mohammad “tato” Esmael
· Wata nin kani Bai Idang Maulana :
1.) Datu Zul Carnan
2.) Datu Caragdag
· Wata nin kani Bai Fatima Buday “Bukakang”:
1.) Datu Quezon(Mungangen) a wata Mohammad Alibasa (sultan sa Zamboanga Del Sur)
2.) Bai Puti “Bai Amirah”
3.) Bai Maitum “Shaidatun Nisa”
· Wata nin kani Bai Aga (Padido) a wata no (Prinsipe) Mamubpon
1.) Datu Mutinting “Luminog”
2.) Bai Medzecan “H. Basma”
3.) Datu Sulmanor Paris
· Wata nin kani Bai Langkasia
1.) Datu Azcuna “Amir Bangsa”
· Wata nin kani Bai Babai Andi
1.) Bai Victoria “Hamsia”
· Wata nin kani Bai Aga ( His last Wife)
1.) H. Salma Hadija Arena “kinang”
2.) Datu Hasangabra “Bobby/Embaya”
3.) Bai Sarshia “Alicia”
4.) Datu Mohammad Nhor Hasim
5.) Datu Zacaria “Cesar”
6.) Bai Badria “Bella”


  1. I was informed that Rajah Putri was the widow of Sultan Jalaludin Pablo and later on married to Datu Otto, Datu sa Sapakan.

  2. siblings of raja putri ?

  3. descendants of rajah putri ?

  4. Who can post here about the lineage of AMPATUA DIMASANGKAY OF MAGUINDANAO?

  5. many families are claiming for the trone just to be recognize and aftering for power and money.claiming for the trone is a bi obligations from allah,he is the only one who can choose who is the right person next in throne.he will never allow a person to next in throne after sultan mohammed tato esmael the real sultan enthroned by the washington dc and recognzed by the us government not like other sultans claiming that they are the real one.

  6. sana marealized n mga taong naghahangad ng throne na pagiging sultan na hindi lang basta power,wealth,popularity etc ang pagiging sultan.isa itong napakabigat na obligasyon na ibinigay ni allah sa taong kanyang napili,tulad ng great grandfather ko isa syang sagradong sultan na napaka simplent sultan na namuhay ng isang ordinaryong tao na nabubuhay sa simpleng buhay,simpleng bahay,simpleng mga gamit,pananamit na nababase sa tradisyon at nararapat na pagkatao ng isang tunay at sagradong sultan na galing kay prophet mohammad.ang pagiging sultan ay hindi batayan ang yaman,kapangyarihan at impluwensya.sana maintindihan ito ng lahat ng tao na ito ang kagustuhan ni allah na ipaunawa sa lahat ng muslim at kristiano.hindi ako umaki sa tradisyon ng muslim kahit ako ang unang apo ni sultan mohammad tato esmael pero dahan dahan kong naintindihan lahat dahil siguro ito ang nakatakta na binigay sakin ni allah at obligasyong iniwan ni apo sultan.

  7. hindi kailangan ang makipagpatayan para angkinin ang trono ng pagiging sultan!ang pagiging sultan ay hindi dapat hinahangad dahil si allah ang pumipili para sa pagiging sultan,yan sana ang maintindihan at maunawaan ng lahat ng humahangad ng trono.hangad ko sana na magkaisa lahat ng angkan simula kay sharif kabunsuan hanggang sa lolo ko si sultan mohammad tato esmael para magkaron tao ng kapayapaan.lahat tau nanggaling sa isang angkan kaya walang dahilan para tau ay magtalo,away o umabot sa sakitan o patayan para lang sa trono ng pagiging sultan.ang dugong dumadaloy sa mga parte ng katawan natin ang sagrado dahil galing kay prophet mohammad sana naman galangin natin ito at pahalagahan kung totoong anak tau ni allah at nararapat para mabiyayaan dahil nanggalin tau kay prophet mohammad.dun pa lang dapat magpasalamat na tau at wag na tau maghangad ng higit pa at hindi nararapat para satin diba?dapat taung makuntento kung ano ang bingay satin ni allah para maging karapat dapat tau na tawaging anak ni allah!sana magkaisa na tau para makamtan na natin ang ipinangako sa quran na 100 years na kasaganahan at magsisimula yun ngaung taon.ang mga susunod kay allah ang mapipiling makakamit ang mahabang kasaganahan sa buhay,sana lahat tau magbago na para sa ating sarili,pamilya at buong mundo.hindi natin kailangan maging santo o sagrado kailangan lng natin magbago.insha allah sana ngaung taon na ang simula ng pagbabago ng lahat para sa muslim at kristyano para sa kabutihan at kaligayahan ng lahat.allah bless us all the family of the sultanes!!!!!